Friday, 19 August 2011

Vanity & Vanities

I can cite that my obsession with makeup vanities was the source that fuelled my obsession with makeup. So much in fact that I now can add certified makeup artist to the resume and the truckload of makeup to prove it (not to mention the gaping hole in the bank account). 

A little look into the inspiration behind the quest for the perfect dressing table.

homes direct

the white cottage company


brown turtleneck sweater

french boutique

Unfortunately again, the limitation of space ruled out many of the above options. Just when I was about to give up or succumb to the fact that I would have to get rid of my bed and sleep in a ball on the floor I made this find at  home sweet home:

The size is perfect for apartment living and provides a little feeling of luxury each morning while getting ready to go to work.

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  1. but no mirror! I do hope there's one nearby to rely upon. xC