Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lounge Configuration

The occasionals have arrived! 

So I tried the original configuration that I had invisaged but failed to look anything like I had thought! Amazing how different pieces are when they are in the real world! 

So moved on to try the second thought of having them on the wall side of the lounge to allow for the window to be less obscured (please ignore the seriously blank walls, the art/prints will come once the furniture is sorted!).

actually looks better in the photos on the wall side.. I think because the angle that the photo was taken is not really where you naturally stand.

The window side seems to work a lot better surprisingly. B, I tried the ottoman in the middle, was a bit overwhelming with the prints wouldn't you agree (you will be happy the bench has finally been retired to the hallway at present!

I got the lamp suggested to me by lovely Ms. B (that's behind the bright star light but you can visualise!)

Now the big question will be what for the other side (opposite the occasionals...) I know that big scale or several prints will help but I'm thinking I will need additional elements in this space.. tried with the linen occasional which is headed for the dressing room but didnt really work either.

If only life was easily cropped like this!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

PS: The styling of the coffee table and entertainment unit is just temporary things thrown together to help get more perspective!

1 comment:

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