Saturday, 17 December 2011

It's beginning to look at lot like ...

.. Christmas on the coast! Although half a world away from any chestnuts being roasted on an open fire, Christmas in Australia has become synonymous with hot Summer days and eating prawns on the beach.  Having said that I think we have the perfect "front yard" to do just that this year:

X marks the spot for Christmas Lunch 2011

The Tree 
The outlook of our apartment today

Perfect weather for lazy days watching the surf

We're hosting Christmas Eve celebrations this year and backing the festivities up with an "orphan" Christmas Day lunch. Hoping to walk down to the trawlers who sell straight off the boat and pick up some deliciously fresh seafood, throw together a few salads and have a very low key, stress free holiday!


  1. Your tree looks beautiful - love the surfboard as well-placed Christmas accessory! Ohhh, and loving the new blog design too...

  2. Happy new year Nic!!

    I love your striped rug and the view is to die for!

    MrB and I had an emergency weekend away last year to get away from all the building dramas. We want to the Gold Coast and spent most of our time lying on bed and watching the waves, our view was very similar to yours. Xxx